10 Nov 2017

Win An Epic Flight

Imagine taking your favourite sports car and adding wings. That's the feeling you get when you strap into the DA20 and take to the sky!

You line up at the end of the runway and request Air Traffic Control clearance.

Jandakot Tower, Yankee November Bravo, runway 06 LEFT, ready for Fremantle departure

A few seconds later your clearance call comes through over the radio:

Cleared for take-off, Yankee November Bravo

It's GO time!

You push the power throttle and feel the acceleration! Your senses are heightened and Kelvin, your instructor, is passing you commands reminding you what to do.

The ground rushes towards you and all of a sudden, as if by magic, you are airborne and pointing the nose of your sporty, sleek and exciting DA20 just above the horizon to gain altitude!

Enough said... the rest is your personal story to tell!

Win this EPIC first flight experience in the DA20 at Jandakot Airport, courtesy of Thunderbird Aeroservice and a brand new Mikasa volleyball sponsored by Volleyball Western Australia.

To Win
  • Like the Ookus Facebook page
  • Message us the Volleyball WA Hornets and Pearls Captains' names
  • Propose a dream you want to accelerate for a relative via Ookus

Are you or someone you know, ready for an EPIC flight experience at the controls of a DA20!? Go on and tag a Volleyball WA Hornets or Pearls fan!

All entries must be in by December 2nd 2017 with the winner announced on December 3rd.

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