The Pursuit of Dreams


Make your dream a reality

Make your dream come true by splitting its value among your circle of friends.

Instead of friends arranging 10 or 20 different gifts for a special occassion such as your birthday, they can now contribute to a single, more meaningful gift that would see you realise one of your wildest dreams!

Earn Ookus Points

Earn Ookus reward points for:

  • Signing up
  • Inviting friends
  • Following friends
  • Ooking up with organisations
  • Creating dreamlists
  • Publishing dreamlists
  • Making pledges

Your accumulated Ookus points can be used to redeem access to a range of dream experiences communicated exclusively to our community on a monthly basis.


Why Ookus

Reasons why you will love Ookus

Wanna make your dream happen?